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Where does that crazy "cc" come from?

We are familiar with the most common domain name extensions such as .com, .org, .net, etc. There are more generic domain names that perhaps we are not as familiar with: .biz, .coop, .aero, .edu, .gov. All together there are 14 such extensions.

In addition to the common extensions, there are also country extensions. Each country has its own: .au-Australia, .uk-United Kingdon, .bt-Bhutan, etc...

The .cc is a domain name extension that has been selected for the Cocos (Keeling) Island. It is located southwest of Indonesia and northwest of Australia in the Indian Ocean.

The Cocos Islands are a group of 27 coral islands that make two isolated atolls. The main atoll surrounds a beautiful, blue lagoon.

(Isn't this beautiful? I wanna go here for a staff meeting. How about it, René?)

It is home to 632 people, two internet service providers and the red-footed booby bird. In fact there may be more red-footed booby birds than there are people on the island.

(Check out the color of these feet. Two guesses as to what kind of bird this is.)

With so few people living on the island, the people decided to share their extension with the world.

So why did we choose .cc instead of .org or .com? TSHA.com and TSHA.org were both already taken by other organizations. Since we couldn't have what we wanted, we chose to use .cc for TSHA's domain extension because it is short and quick to type. And there's nothing more complicated to it than that... grin!

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TSHA, Inc. is a Tulsa Area United Way Agency.

TSHA - more than 50 years of service to the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing population in Oklahoma.

TSHA Receives Second Award
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Educational Interpreter Bill Passes
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TSHA in the news
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Aug 24:  QAST Evals. Live Panel in OKC. Contact LV Berglund for more info.

Aug. 27: Silent Dinner at Woodland Hills Mall.

Sept. 7: The annual United Way Day of Caring.

Sept. 13: Tulsa Hearing Helpers.

Sept. 24: Deaf Awareness Week begins! Need a schedule of events?

Oct. 25: Silent Dinner at Woodland Hills Mall.

Nov. 13: Silent Dinner at Woodland Hills Mall.

Dec. 3: Silent Dinner at Woodland Hills Mall.