An Announcement from Joey Farqué and Virginia Gleason

Dear TSHA community, supporters, families, and friends,

For the past 11 months, I have had the great pleasure of leading a world-class staff of passionate, dedicated and highly skilled professionals at TSHA. We have made awesome plans and strides towards advancing the mission of TSHA and propelling the organization into the future. With the incredible staff support, Board support and consumer support – TSHA is well on its way to providing even better, more robust programs and enhanced services.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at TSHA. In May, I was presented with and offered a career advancement opportunity with another organization. The decision to leave TSHA has not been an easy one, and I have lost sleep contemplating my next step. I am saddened, and at the same time, excited, to report that I will be leaving my position as Executive Director. I am most heartbroken about saying goodbye to working with such an extraordinary group of women on staff,  volunteers, and my day-to-day interactions with TSHA constituents. I have grown to love TSHA and everything about the agency.

I plan on continuing to learn sign language, interact in the community, volunteer and financially support the organization – so, really, you’re stuck with me.

I am grateful for the valuable experience and opportunities I have gained during my short time at TSHA, and I feel confident that I have set the stage for the future success of the agency and the next executive director.

Warmest regards,

Joey Mechelle Farqué

* * *

From the TSHA Board President, Virginia Gleason:

It is with sadness that I report that Joey Farqué is resigning her position as executive director with TSHA, Inc. She has accepted a position at another organization – it’s an offer she simply cannot refuse.

Last year when we hired Joey, we knew that there would be challenges after 33 years under one leadership. We did experience challenges along the way, but Joey handled all of them with the utmost grace and professionalism.

I have been impressed with her leadership, business sense, connections in the community and her passion. In her short 11 months at TSHA Joey has:

• Entered into Standards for Excellence accreditation process

• New written policies – crisis communication, code blue, mandatory reporting, etc.

• New IRP scheduling system

• Staff reorganization

• Increased all grant funding in the past 11 months, increased grant asks

• Increased event and ask income, including Vintage, 5K, end of year and Giving Tuesday, and United Way fundraising

• Acquired donated digital billboards in two large market areas (26 billboards in Tulsa – 20 in OKC)

• Made new connections with the greater community (donor and foundations)

• Interpreting Program advancements (continuing) – surveying, deeper communication with contracted interpreters, program development

• Increased awareness for TSHA within greater community

This is just a short list of Joey’s accomplishments and it’s clear that she had the passion to run the organization well and has made a considerable impact.

The Personnel Committee and members of the Executive Committee will be identifying a suitable candidate to succeed Joey.

She will be missed, but I have a feeling we will be seeing her around — volunteering, serving on committees and quite possibly the Board.

I am grateful for the 11 months Joey served as Executive Director.  She is a great leader who has led TSHA through a difficult transition, and I am fully confident that she is leaving the agency well positioned for her replacement.

On behalf of the Board, I would like to congratulate Joey and thank her for all the work she has done for the agency in the short time we have known her.

Best Regards,

Virginia Gleason
TSHA Board President