Silent Dinner

Various areas have Silent Dinners; however, TSHA’s Silent Dinners in Tulsa have been called "The Granddaddy Of Them All”!

Silent Dinners are THE place to come and practice sign language in a non-threatening environment. You will find that many Deaf people of all ages attend Silent Dinners to socialize in sign language. All levels of skill are welcome from very beginning learner to native signers. The atmosphere is relaxed and unstructured. Many sign classes come as a class activity.

Where? The Woodland Hill’s Mall Food Court is the standard location of Silent Dinner. The mall's address is at 7021 S Memorial Dr in Tulsa. This is the NE corner of 71st and Memorial. There are various food vendors to choose from; however, food purchase is not a requirement.

When? Come after work as it begins around 6:00 pm. Feel free to stay until your hands get tired or until the mall closes at 9:00.

Woodland Hills Mall

Food Court

71st and Memorial

6:00 p.m.

2019 Schedule

  • Monday, January 21st
  • Thrusday. February 28th
  • Monday, March 11th
  • Tuesday, April 9th
  • Monday, May 6th
  • Tuesday, June 25th
  • Thursday, July 11th
  • Monday, August 19th
  • Tuesday, September 24th (Incredible Pizza)
  • Monday, October 14th
  • Tuesday, November 12th
  • Tuesday, December 3th

You may download and print our 2019 Slient Dinner Dates Flyer