How To Request an Interpreter

Our interpreters are certified, qualified and ready to serve your client, patient, students and more. If you have any additional questions please contact or

TSHA provides sign language interpreters for all of Oklahoma. Requesting a sign language interpreter through TSHA’s Interpreter Services is simple. Allow us to assist you in your efforts to provide the legally required appropriate accommodations. We also provide Spanish (spoken only) interpreters as well.


Providing qualified sign language interpreters for all of Oklahoma. Call today for:

  • On-site sign language interpretation

Our highly qualified interpreters specialize in the following areas:

  • Conferences, Seminars, and Conventions
  • Legal settings and Court sessions
  • Business meetings, Trainings, and Workshops
  • Medical and Dental appointments/Surgery
  • Mental Health and Counseling
  • Employment situations
  • Political events
  • Entertainment venues
  • Religious settings (Church services, Weddings, Funerals, Retreats)

Interpreter services Team

Lisa Moreno, Interpreter Services Coordinator

Lisa Moreno, Interpreting Services Coordinator
voice only: (918) 832-8742*

Lisa Moreno is one of the Interpreting Services Coordinators at TSHA. Lisa has 13 years of experience in customer service and 4 years in a management position. After Graduating from Tulsa Community College with her Interpreting Degree Lisa started working at TSHA to further her knowledge and experience in serving the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community.  Lisa absolutely loves working with people and bringing access to those around her in a creative and proactive way.   

While not working, Lisa likes to cuddle up with her dog Rose and watch cooking videos on YouTube for new recipes to try out.

*Lisa has currently relocated to California but is working remotely. If you need to get in direct contact with her please email her directly at

Sandie Busby, Interpreter Services Coordinator

Sandie Busby, Interpreting Services Coordinator
voice only: (918) 832-8742

Sandie has been interpreting professionally since 1989 have 2 children (they sign as well), retired for OSU in Stillwater (was interpreting and taught ASL classes, set up minor and prepared the way for the ASL Major; still teaching at OSU-Medical in Tulsa. When Sandie is out of the office she loves to ride motorcycles and travel the world. Sandie has a big heart for the deaf community. 


What is a professional sign language interpreter?
A professional sign language interpreter is someone who:
  • Has passed an Interpreter Certification exam, either nationally or state
  • Is bound by the Code of Professional Conduct (national certification) or the Code of Ethics (state certification)
  • Is required to do yearly continuing education
  • Maintains strict client and customer confidentiality
What does a sign language interpreter do?
A professional sign language interpreter will:
  • Come to your physical location or work with you remotely through the internet
  • Will sign everything that is spoken
  • Will speak everything that is signed
  • Will provide culturally correct interpreting
Why should I hire an interpreter?
  • Interpreters make communication quick and smooth
  • Interpreters make communication clear and unambiguous
  • Interpreters allow hearing and deaf people to communicate using their native languages
  • Interpreters protect you from miscommunication and resulting legal liability
  • The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires public entities to provide accessible communication for deaf people
  • Read a concise explanation of the ADA, Title III as it applies to business.
Are interpreting services free?

No, services are not free. There is a cost to hire an interpreter. However, the government does, in some instances, offer tax incentives to help cover the cost of sign language interpreters.

How do I request a sign language interpreter?

Call TSHA Interpreting Services: 888.311.3523 or 918.832.8742 or email