TSHA is constantly updating our resources page for our deaf and hard of hearing community. If you’re in need of something specific please message Diana Emerson at

  • If you are a veteran or of Indian descent, you may qualify for a hearing aid through the Veteran’s Administration or through your tribal agency.

  • SHARP assists adults or children who do not qualify for other programs by offering one behind-the-ear, recycled hearing aids per individual. View our page: SHARP (TEMPORARILY CLOSED DUE TO FUNDING.)

  • Department of Rehabilitation Services – Provides two hearing aids per qualified child. This resource is only available if the child is unable to obtain hearing aids through Medicaid or private insurance. Information and/or applications are available at the Oklahoma School for the Deaf Student Assessment Center. Call them at 580.622.4938 or 1.866.309.1717. Your child DOES NOT need to be a student at the Oklahoma School for the Deaf to qualify.

  • Insurance won’t cover your child’s hearing aids, and your child does not qualify for Medicaid? TSHA has a service CHAP (Children’s Hearing Aid Project), may be able to assist. Click here to learn more.

  • Do you have a hearing loss?