Monee Chase’s Black History Month Transcript:

Hello everyone!! How are you?? I am good, my name is Monee Chase. I’m Deaf, Black, Mixed and proud! I have 5 beautiful children. I am so thankful that God has given us a blessing to give me an opportunity to make this video for Black History Month. TSHA has asked me to share what is important about Black History Month. To remember and learn about the culture, their language and to help support their business. It can be art, history is important for us to remember. Learning about history through the school is good enough? No, not only we learn through the Black History Month, we need to also remember to learn about Black History throughout the years. We need to analyze and reflect what we can learn about the history. I hope to see one day, that a diversity of different races to learn more about our history and also to learn another cultures and their history, not only the black history. We need to also reflect on everyone’s backgrounds. It can be inspiring to become more knowledge about diversity of cultures. Also, we take an opportunity to educate our children about Black History Month to remind them to remember their culture through family generations. I would like to share the story- About Tulsa Massacre in Downtown Tulsa You should read and learn about Tulsa Massacre The story is heartfelt sad. (need word) It happened on May 31, 1921 and lasted until June 1, 1921. It is overwhelming sad story, my husband’s family has experienced that tragedy downtown in Tulsa. I highly recommend you go read and learn about Tulsa Massacre. Give yourself time to reflect on what had happened and how to apply that to your life and everyone around you. Hidden figures of high respected black women, they are extremely blessings to (them)! Katherine Johnson is a mathematician who got Astronaut John Glenn to travel through a spaceflight successfully. Dorothy Vaughan who made important contributions to the U.S. space program by leading a math group to help others. Mary Jackson became the first African American female engineer to work at the NASA, she also taught math. What a extremely inspiration to learn about hidden figures and their skills with the mathematics. That showed that they have learned how to use math and applied it to life. Now, let’s talk about Harriet Tubman. She is top black woman leader. She was born in slavery. Tubman escaped and wow, I recommend you to watch the movie! It is a long wonderful story about her. She has freed many slaves including her family. It is extremely touching story. Martin Luther King J was a leader in the Civil Rights Movement. He was one of the best leader from 1955 to 1968 along with a black lady, they have endured and walked through together MLK led the first civil right movement in the history, the event was well noticed and very inspiring! Black History Month is what we discuss about events like this. I recommend you to watch the movie, “Best of Enemies,” the brief recap about this movie, the woman named Anna Atwater and CP Ellis who is white, and they had a rivalry and this movie is learning how to work together and get along to support their children in school. The school is margining and Ellis had to learn how to work things through and it was the same for Atwater, they had become really good friends. They have traveled and spoken about the experience through the journey. It is an amazing movie! I suggest you all to watch it, it is truly heart touching. Next movie is Glory Road, it is about a white man named Don Haskins, he was appointed to be the coach for West Texas (Texas Miners). He chose 5 black players to play in the championship game which was unusual. They played the whole game on the court, they won and beat KY. The score was 75 to 63. KY was against them because of how it went, but West Texas have given them respect and they wanted respect in return. It was about Black Vs White. West Texas did not have a problem but KY was taunting them and giving them a hard time. They had to accept and have patience with the situation, again I recommend you to watch the film! You should watch many different movies to learn for Black History Month in February. I want you to remember that in our lives to always explain to your children, the future generation. Explain in depth and show love. Love instead of being enemies, important is to love! God have taught us to have peace in our hearts. Teach and cherish the future generations, to remember history and cultures. Remember there is many cultures to learn, not only about black culture but there are so many cultures that we need to learn and you too! I want to say thank you to TSHA for reaching out to me and invite me to make this video to honor black history month. Again I thank them all. I hope you enjoy this video, God Bless you! Bye and love you all Panther out!