FAQ - Interpreters

sign language interpreter FAQ

What is a professional sign language interpreter?
A professional sign language interpreter is someone who:
  • Has passed an Interpreter Certification exam, either nationally or state
  • Is bound by the Code of Professional Conduct (national certification) or the Code of Ethics (state certification)
  • Is required to do yearly continuing education
  • Maintains strict client and customer confidentiality
What does a sign language interpreter do?
A professional sign language interpreter will:
  • Come to your physical location or work with you remotely through the internet
  • Will sign everything that is spoken
  • Will speak everything that is signed
  • Will provide culturally correct interpreting
Why should I hire an interpreter?
  • Interpreters make communication quick and smooth
  • Interpreters make communication clear and unambiguous
  • Interpreters allow hearing and deaf people to communicate using their native languages
  • Interpreters protect you from miscommunication and resulting legal liability
  • The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires public entities to provide accessible communication for deaf people
  • Read a concise explanation of the ADA, Title III as it applies to business.
Are interpreting services free?

No, services are not free. There is a cost to hire an interpreter. However, the government does, in some instances, offer tax incentives to help cover the cost of sign language interpreters.

How do I request a sign language interpreter?

Call TSHA Interpreting Services: 888.311.3523 or 918.832.8742 or email irp@tsha.cc.