Who Do We Serve

We serve individuals who are Deaf, Hard of hearing and all ranges of hearing loss for the entire state of Oklahoma. We provide resources, advocacy and language accessibility to those with hearing loss who need support. From silent dinners, sign language classes, advocacy, requesting an interpreter feel free to contact us anytime at info@tsha.cc!

What does it mean to be deaf?

Deafness is a spectrum! There are individuals who are profoundly deaf, Deaf/deaf, culturally deaf, hard of hearing, late-deafened, deaf-blind and families of those impacted by hearing loss. Every single person who is in that “deaf spectrum” has their own identity, culture and world. We are here to support our community through interpreter services, deaf services and community resources. 

Volunteer with us

Volunteers are a critical part of TSHA. We have served over 6,000+ clients in 2019 with support from our three departments; Deaf Services, Interpreter Services and Community Resources. 

-Office support
-Community and special events
-Group service projects

You do not need to know American Sign Language to volunteer, although if you do that is great since we do have deaf staff and deaf volunteers we work with daily. Contact Diana Emerson at demerson@tsha.cc.